What’s Next: Coming Up in Fall 2016

Guess what guys…we finally finished it!

Our 1 year Olympic sponsorship tour is officially DONE and it was an amazing experience! Since August 2015, Tim and I have driven all around the country hitting nearly every state…so many that I lost count! (I probably should’ve kept record, whoops…)

We are so thankful to our agency and our client for this fantastic tour that allowed us to meet some phenomenal (18, to be exact) Olympic athletes and see so many Team USA medals in person! We will miss this tour so much! 

The TeamUp Tour Team (L-R: Myself, Cindy – our client, and Tim)

So, 32,000 miles and 13 months later…NOW WHAT?

If you’ve been following our journey on Instagram at @thetourwife, you’ve probably seen a few travel-themed workout tips and videos posted throughout this past year as I’ve challenged myself to stay active, despite the many long days of travel. One of my primary focuses while on tour, other than doing a great job for our client of course, was to stay consistent with healthy habits. Living out of hotel rooms and spending 8-14 hour days in a small Ford Transit van wasn’t without its challenges!

What’s next?

Coming up, I will be taking some time off from touring to finish my certification as a NASM personal trainer by the end of this year. What I’ve learned through my own travels and from other fellow traveling friends is that many of us struggle to maintain our own health and fitness when on the go. I’ve seen your struggles and I’ve personally dealt with them myself, so here’s what’s coming in the near future:

  • Travel based workout programs
  • Free downloadable content (eBooks, PDF guides)
  • Tips on what to eat while on the road*
  • Travel-friendly fitness product reviews & recommendations
*I am not a certified nutritionist but will gladly share methods that have worked for me while traveling!

Where will I pop up in October? 

The tour concluded in September, but I won’t be in one place for long. Come October 13-17, I will be participating in my first Healthy Lifestyle Retreat as a way to refresh and energize for what’s to come. And what better place to do that at than in Costa Rica! 

Private Villa in Costa Rica (Photo Credit: AirBnB)


In conjunction with Katrina Julia and Fit Life Creation, I will be joining a small group of influencers looking to build their brands as we participate in workshops, business collaborations and fun team adventures in the rainforest. (I heard we might even see monkeys…whaaaaaat!) This was a much needed step in the right direction for both my brand and for you, my traveling friends.

[Want to join us on a future retreat? Upcoming locations include Cuba and Brazil in 2017! For a discount on YOUR retreat, use code Mandee” for 10% off at Fit Life Creation. Disclosure: I do receive an affiliate commission when the code above is used for a discount.]

Invest in Yourself

A traveling lifestyle can be pretty hectic. There’s not always a lot of time leftover for healthy habits, for hanging with family and friends, or for doing things that energize you and contribute to a bigger picture.

This is why is it SO important to step away from the crazy for a bit and just do you. You don’t just stumble across experiences, you create them.




My challenge to you today is to consider what it is that energizes and inspires you, and take some time away from your busy schedule to do just that. Set a goal and put it on your calendar, then get out and DO it!

Is time a factor? Eliminate something that isn’t a priority from your schedule. Less Facebook, less social outings, less Netflix.

Is money a factor? Find a way to limit some unnecessary spending or make a few extra $$. Consider this an investment in yourself, not an expense.

Is family holding you back? You will find a way. Remember, this is YOUR experience. You know what’s best for you.


Coming soon: