Spotlight: Interview with Tour Couple Ted & Crystal


Meet Ted & Crystal.

She was traveling for work. He was employed by one of her clients. They met in 2015 at one of her tour stops, and now they travel the world together.

How did you two meet?

Crystal: We met in Camp Hill, PA while I was on a tour for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Theodore was working as pro staff for archery equipment at Field and Stream, also owned by DSG. The tour was for their Grand Opening weekend of new stores, so I was promoting the score card and running other giveaways for a 5 day event.

Ted: We spoke every day she was there, and on the 3rd day I finally worked up the courage to slip her my phone number. I wasn’t sure whether or not she would text me back, but when she did I was beyond excited. We texted for hours that night and got to hang out for the first time out side of work the night before she left.

Crystal: I was so sad to leave the next day! I didn’t really think I would see him again, until a few weeks passed and we spoke every day, sometimes for hours and hours on end! After a few weeks I knew it was only time until I was going to make the 7 hr drive [from MA] to see him again in PA.

When did you decide that you wanted to go on tour together? 

crystal-ted2Crystal: We decided we wanted to go on tour together when we knew we just didn’t want to be apart. I have been traveling for work and touring for about 4 years now and absolutely love the work and the traveling is the amazing perk! Theodore has always loved to travel, but he had never really considered touring before.

Ted: I have had my CDL for almost 10 years now and have a ton of experience, but I never thought touring to be an option. I thought I would get home sick. Since now we get to tour together, wherever we are is home for us! For us, living in 2 different states, it was the perfect option. We get to work and travel together every day. Companies love to hire tour teams that have worked together before. Not only do we work together, we are together every day outside of work, we know there is nothing a tour could throw at us that we couldn’t handle together!

Since you began touring, what has been one of your favorite places to visit? 

Since we began touring, our favorite place we have been together on tour was Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Seems kinda random, but we were in Milwaukee for about 3 weeks on our MLB Hall of Fame Tour and was just a great city with such big, little city feel to it! We found a ton of great fishing spots, including getting to fish the Great Lakes which was a bucket list check for us both. Bradford beach along Lake Michigan was beautiful and a ton of fun with beach bars and volley ball next galore. Not to mention the cheese curds and many amazing micro breweries and great local wines! 3 weeks wasn’t even enough, we would totally go back!

What was the coolest thing you did while on tour?

14051646_1412831615400231_6625434488400807608_nTed: The coolest thing we did on tour was definitely getting engaged on the field in Kauffman stadium! Keeping this surprise from her was VERY difficult since we were together all the time!  I had to do a lot of sneaking around, but all-in-all, between getting her family in town and having them all there for that moment to her being completely surprised, it was worth all the work. I had her family come in and we were supposed to be taking a tour of Kauffman Stadium before watching the game that night. During the tour, I took her out on the field grabbed her hand after slipping on a Red Sox jersey and putting one on her that I had custom made to say Mr 20 on mine and Mrs 17 on hers. Making Mr and Mrs 2017 when we stand together. I took her hands, told her a bunch of mushy stuff and as we were right behind home plate, I knelt down and she of course started bawling! It was perfect, she was completely surprised! It was so great to have her family there too not only experience the moment with us but to be there to get photos and videos. Having that moment on video is priceless!

Not counting your tour, what are some other places you’ve traveled to together or individually and would recommend for others to visit? 

crystal-ted3We both have been to some pretty cool places both together and separately, however we are definitely in agreement that Thailand was by far one of the greatest trips we have been on! It was just so amazing to be on the other side of the world and for everything to be so completely different. Everything about the culture is so different; the whole country is absolutely beautiful. We were fortunate enough to be there for 16 days and in that trip we got to visit 6 different Thai cities, which was 4 different countries in total since we visited the Golden Triangle, which is in Burma and where Burma, Laos and Myanmar meet!  While it’s difficult to really pinpoint our favorite part of the trip, we would definitely recommend anyone visiting Thailand to absolutely make their way down to Phuket. It’s absolutely paradise, and has such personality so it’s totally a fun city. And of course if you’re in Thailand, visiting an elephant Sanctuary is an absolute must! We visited one in Chiang Mai and it was one of our favorite days of the entire vacation. Elephants are such amazing animals that are so intelligent and with such personality.

What are some of the benefits to living on the road?

Ted: Some of the benefits of living on the road for us is that we are able to lease out my home in Pennsylvania. Our tenants are now paying the mortgage, putting a little extra in our pocket and we do not have an electric or gas bill either. When we are not actually on tour we are just staying at Crystal’s place in Massachusetts. So for us, being on the road means not only are our expenses being covered, we really don’t have as many bills, so saving is super easy! I will also say that now being home for a few days I forgot how much I enjoyed never having to wash towels, change the sheets, clean the bathroom, dust or heck even start the dishwasher most of the time! On our last tour we stayed at Residence Inn, so we always had full kitchenettes and they would even start the dishwasher for us if we forgot to.

Is there anything you miss from home or wish you could bring with you while you’re on the road? 

Crystal: I would have to say it’s definitely my family first. However, a close second would have to be all of my kitchen gadgets! That’s the hardest part about being away from home – not having all my stuff for cooking. We hardly eat out so we’re always cooking, and the most exciting thing for me to do when I get home is to be in my own kitchen with all of my non-stick pots and pans, cooking stones, blender, food processor and different casserole dishes – just to name a few things I miss most in my kitchen!

Ted: I would have to say the thing I definitely miss most is my truck! Just being able to have my truck and be able to go where we want when we want and not have to worry about it being a work vehicle with restrictions.

Name 3 things that are on your bucket list to do as a couple.

Other than get married or course…
• Go on a safari in Africa for our honeymoon
• Snowboard the Swiss alps
• A Euro trip (Italy, wine country in France, Germany & Amsterdam)


What are your plans for 2017?

2017 is going to be a big year for us! Hopefully in the beginning of the year, we will be finishing up the process we are in right now of trying to purchase a multi-family home in Massachusetts for a nice little investment property. Then we are going to be jumping back on tour in February until November/December-ish. As well as planning a wedding! We are thinking a destination wedding, of course, either on a cruise or in Costa Rica at an all-inclusive resort. More than likely the date will be sometime in December 2017.

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