On the Road She Goes

Last year, I made a big decision.

To share some background, I am an experiential marketer. If you’ve never heard this term before, let me explain. You know those people that gather crowds at trade shows and get them pumped up about a new product? The pop-up holiday promotions in the malls (not the annoying sales people, the fun ones, like for Samsung or Nintendo, where you can’t actually buy anything)? How about the staff at the auto shows who don’t work for a dealership but seem to know an awful lot about the cars?

That’s me.

Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that focuses primarilyΒ on helping consumers experience a brand. – CreativeGuerrillaMarketing.com

I’ve been in the marketing industry since I was around 16. I know, that seems really young. It started out when I created one of those old school Geocities websites through Yahoo for my rabbit business. I had customers coming from out of state to purchase my rabbits as pets, all due to my online marketing efforts that I didn’t even know much about. This early entrepreneurship stage later developed into a budding social media marketing business, and then in 2012, I found experiential marketing.

My husband, Tim and I jumped into the experiential marketing industry together as a dating couple. We quickly advanced as a team…growing from simple brand ambassador positions to event managers by our 2nd or 3rd contract. Later, one of those management contracts ended up funding our wedding. πŸ™‚

Fast forward ahead a few years and Tim was ready to go on the road with our work. Brand ambassadors all over the U.S. dream of going on tour and getting paid to travel the country! With paid hotels, food per diem, super fun events in amazing cities, it is often the ultimate goal for many in our industry.

So off he went! My husband started booking various tours and began to travel, while I stayed home. I was just getting settled in a new area (south of Boston), getting comfortable at a new gym and even volunteering with the New England Aquarium. I didn’t want to go on the road.

And then he was gone for almost an entire month.

I now have a lot of respect for women who are married to men who travel constantly or are deployed for months at a time. It sucked! I love having time on my own to be independent and believe me, everyone needs to have their own time when they’re married. But I can only hang out with friends, clean the house spotless (especially if no one else is here to make it messy haha) and work to a certain extent before I start really missing my best friend.

A birthday selfie taken on tour before an event
A birthday selfie taken on tour before an event

On top of that, I don’t have any family in the state, so my support system wasn’t anywhere nearby.

When he returned, we argued it out and things were rough. I didn’t want to live like a single person all the time. He didn’t want to stop traveling. It eventually came down to a couple options, and calling our marriage quits wasn’t something I (or he) was ready for.

That’s when I said, “&$*@ it. I want to go with you.”

Thanks to my husband’s previous tours and connections with a great agency, we easily landed a 14 month tour promoting the upcoming 2016 Olympics. We were on the road within the next couple of months.

One of my first workouts in a hotel on tour!
One of my first workouts in a hotel on tour!

I confronted all of my excuses for not going on tour, and found ways to work around them. I concluded my year of volunteering, made a travel-friendly workout plan with my personal trainer and focused on how I would eat healthy on the road. (It may sound funny, but I was so SO afraid of getting fat by living out of a tour van and hotels!)

So here we are, about to head back out on the road after a break for the holiday season. I am eager to share my tips with you about travel, staying healthy & fit, awesome products I’ve discovered and, of course, amazing places to visit. While I am a “tour wife”, this blog is for any woman – single, dating, married – who is passionate about traveling and making money to fund those travels.

I look forward to taking this journey with you all.


  • Mandee – you will never regret this adventure before starting a family. I’ve traveled extensively (US and abroad) in the military. After my kids all left home, I was able to travel again throughout the US and into “Harms Way”. It builds great memories! Enjoy!