Minimalist Couple Runs Staffing Agency While Traveling the World

Anthony & Adrienne Gomez
Meet Anthony & Adrienne Gomez

Anthony and Adrienne Gomez travel over 300 days per year. 

For some, that may seem like a lot, but not for this ambitious travel couple. Based out of both Seattle and LA, Anthony & Adrienne are the owners of SODO Marketing, an experiential event staffing agency they founded together in 2012.

Their career in experiential marketing began as early as 2005, back when Anthony was in the restaurant business.

“I started my career at a restaurant that I co-owned with my family,” shares Anthony. “I began working and managing local events in Seattle in and transitioned to full time travel and mobile tours by 2008, the same year that Adrienne & I met. I learned the ropes quickly and found event work to be both fun, natural and far less challenging than owning a restaurant.”

He convinced Adrienne to join him, and by combining their various skill sets, they began to advance at a fast rate in the industry.

“We built relationships with quite a few amazing agencies, brands and people along the way. This helped us land our first few projects,” said Anthony. It wasn’t long after that the two founded their own marketing agency, which now services brands like Honda, Amazon and Pepsi.

Tour life also opened many other doors for the Gomezes. It not only funded their wedding in 2010, but also taught them how to save more money by living with less. They are self-described minimalists who prefer experiences over ‘stuff’.

Anthony’s 50th state. Jump shot in Anchorage, Alaska.

“Touring led us toward a more minimal lifestyle. It has changed the way we appreciate being home or as we call them, our ‘staycations’,” says the couple. Anthony adds, “It also allowed me to see and work in every major market in the country and experience all 50 states.”

Adventure is nothing new to Anthony & Adrienne, and their travel isn’t restricted to simply work. Anthony recently discovered  “Droning”, or drone photography, and has began shooting footage all around the globe.

“I enjoy it,” he says. “The ability to shoot from these elevated perspectives is super cool to me. It allows us to look back and relive certain experiences in a whole new way.”

(*By the way, he has some super cool images on his Instagram.)

Exploring Macchu Picchu in Peru

When asked for wisdom on how to fund such travels, these two know how to do it right.

“It’s a priority for us,” they share. “When you make something a priority, you find creative ways to fund it. Usually it’s more affordable to travel than it is to maintain a life in Seattle. Our strategy is to eliminate or off-set expenses to allow for the more important items in life. Having a clear understanding of your priorities is extremely helpful.

“Our advice: Get rid of your bills. Do not finance anything. Live debt free, within your means and know how to discern between wants and needs. We love shiny new toys but we are ‘experiences over stuff’ every time. When you choose to avoid constant financial pressures and obligations and if you are financially wise, many things become affordable quickly.” †


Travel will always be significant to us. We love it and it believe that it adds tremendous value to our lives. – Anthony & Adrienne

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What place(s) have you and Adrienne enjoyed visiting the most throughout all of your trips?

We have a few favorite places. So far, these places have been extra special for us.

Capetown, South Africa
Australia/New Zealand

…and the west coast of the USA of course!

What is the funniest or weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you on your travels?

That’s a tough one. We’ve had some unique experiences along the way. Here are few:

  • Adrienne was asked where her parents were and mistaken for a child when sitting in an exit row on the plane. That was pretty funny.
  • We were crammed in the back of a small pickup truck with approx. 14 other people/chickens in Tanzania for a couple of hours, likely the most uncomfortable ride of our lives.
  • We couch-surfed with a really simple looking guy in Barcelona who picked us up in a little beater, and drove us into a dark wooded area. We were a little sketched out, but he just wanted to show us an incredible view of the city and then hosted us at his cliffside mansion overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Turns out he was wealthy and very accommodating.

What book are you or Adrienne currently reading?

Anthony: I absolutely love books. We are big podcast & audiobook fans. Here are some of my favorite [podcasts] …

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Snapchat: anthony-gomez

Instagram: @adriennegomez