Healthy Essentials for the Traveling Woman

Since staying healthy and in good shape while on the road is one of my priorities, finding the right methods and products to travel with is imperative.

Last night, I prepped for about 7 weeks of travel. Below are a few small things I find necessary or very simple to pack that help me maintain good, healthy habits while I’m away.

A few of the items I always take with me on the road

• Vega Protein Powder

Depending on the duration of my travels, I either separate a specific amount into multiple Ziploc baggies or one big bag. I never take the whole container because it’s too bulky! For this trip, I packed one big baggie full and also a few smaller baggies for days that I’m only staying 1 night in a hotel and won’t be bringing in a full suitcase.

• Vega Sport Energizer

I could buy these packets of preworkout in a larger tub, but I like to buy them in these individual dose packets from Amazon. They only cost 10 cents more per serving, and it’s so convenient! I take the preworkout before doing a HIIT workout or Insanity on DVD.

• L-Glutamine Powder

For the protein powder that doesn’t have this supplement in it all ready, I always travel with some glutamine for workout recovery. Most of my powder already has it, but you can also drink it in water if you aren’t taking protein powder.

• Pumpkin Seeds

These can be brought in a large bag or in mini cups, like I prefer to pack them! The mini cups hold exactly 1 serving and are easy for me to grab on the go when I need a little protein.

• Shake Tumbler

I buy almond milk on the road and then add a scoop of my Vega protein. This is the best way to get a protein shake down without having to travel with a blender.

• Peanut Butter / Almond Butter

I always buy organic apples while on the road, and sometimes I like a little extra something with them. Justin’s sells organic peanut butter and almond butter that I really like, and these packets make it easy to squeeze it right out onto an apple slice. Speaking of apple slices…


• Apple Slicer/Corer

This little gadget is the best birthday gift my husband has ever given me! You can get one of these puppies at Bed Bath & Beyond for less than $10. And it is worth EVERY PENNY.

While I travel in a tour van for all of travels currently, all of the items above should also be flight-friendly. You may want to label all powders just in case (I write on the baggies when flying with protein powder) or buy a smaller container to leave it in if you’re super concerned it might not make it through security.

Tell me in the comments what your travel staples are!