5 Simple Ways to Travel Fit [Free eBook]

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Traveling fit and keeping healthy on the go can be such a challenge sometimes! We LOVE our travel, but hate that sometimes we coming back feeling like we gained 10 pounds, right?!

I’m right there with you. I want to enjoy travel to the fullest and also stay in shape while doing it. But how?

The secret lies in 5 simple little tips. If you can tackle these, you’ll be well on your way to being a fit & healthy traveler!

Tip #1: Packing

Preparation begins before you leave your home. This means prepping snacks, researching your destination for available foods/meals and bringing along the right items. Did you know that you can bring many food items on a flight with you? (Check out this article for TSA permitted items and restrictions.) If you’re going on a business trip, throw in additional active wear and comfortable shoes to wear. The trick is to eliminate extra “excuses” that may prevent you from making healthy choices, such as “I don’t have the right clothes to wear,” or “I couldn’t find anywhere to buy healthy snacks”.

Tip #2: Shopping

Will you be eating out or prepping your own meals? Many travelers do a combination of both, which means you may need to do some local grocery shopping. If you are in a major city, most hotels or public lodging are within reasonable walking distance of a local grocery store. If you are driving, you’ll have even more flexibility to find a store you want to check out.

Make a list of the foods you want to pick up in advance to avoid aimless wandering around the store. Include fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins that are suitable for storing and preparing in a small space if you don’t have access to a full kitchen. Most hotel rooms will provide a mini fridge upon request if it’s not already in the room, and AirBnB rentals will often times have a full kitchen available for use.

Tip #3: Eating Out

My best tip for eating out is to never get too hung up on the menu!

When I was traveling on the road intermittently for about 13 months, I spent a lot of time at sit-down restaurants throughout the United States. While I meal prepped quite a bit, it was inevitable during 12 hour driving days that my husband and I would stop off to eat somewhere (he couldn’t live off of the cooler snacks alone, haha). What I quickly discovered is that most restaurants will make a custom order meal for you, providing it’s simple and they have the ingredients.

For example: If I didn’t want the chicken alfredo on the menu, but could see they had the ingredients for an alternative meal, I would ask for plain, grilled chicken with a side of steamed vegetables. No restaurant ever said no to this request! I also mixed and matched some of the entrees on menus to get healthier sides, or asked them to hold certain ingredients like fatty oils or sauces.

Ask lots of questions, and you’ll find that eating a healthy meal out isn’t as hard as one might think!

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